AfterOil EV

Why drive an electric vehicle?
  • Think about how much you could save on fuel.
  • Think gasoline prices are high? You might be overcharged too!
  • Lower your transportation carbon footprint.
  • You understand the value of the dollar so see how far it gets you.
  • Save on regularly scheduled maintenance:
    • Over $100 per year on oil changes alone
    • No Air filter
    • No Fuel pump
    • No Spark plugs
    • No Transmission
    • No Alternator
    • No Exhaust Manifold
    • No Catalytic Converter
    • No Muffler

  • You could reduce an average of 100 pounds per year of harmful nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from entering the atmosphere.
  • Federal incentives:
  • California State incentives:
  • Corporate incentives:
  • Compared to other vehicles EVs are the most efficient:
    • EV - (electricity as fuel) 67-81% efficient.
    • FCV - (hydrogen as fuel) 30-45% efficient.
    • REEV - (gasoline as fuel) 22-29% efficient.
    • ICE - (gasoline as fuel) 15% efficient.

*Efficiency Sources